Mask Mess Draft

Mask each letter to create your Doodle… Since this isn’t even the right logo, this is only a rough draft.


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he has a rose in his front pocket. he has praying hands. he has designs on his clothing. he is sitting in a has lots of colors in the design. it has colored circles in the background. he has a weird looking hat.

This painting has a lot of colors. the human figure has a rainbow head. His suit is a greenish color. His hands are gray and glowing blue. He has a rose in his pocket. He is sitting in a brown chair. He has a white shirt and tie.

I thought it was Barack Obama for a second but then I thought it was some voodoo stuff but then I see a person that’s seems to be praying on a chair. with rainbows on his head and forehead then his foot fell off

It has lots of vibrant colors. the picture pops out because of the contrast of the bright and dark colors. this artwork was created in 2017. he has a rose in his pocket. his legs fade off. there are rainbows behind him. he doesn’t have a face or seems to be wearing a mask. he is sitting in a wooden chair.

very light and dark. nice hands design . a gentleman with a mask and suit. looks really rich and wealthy . has a really nice design. nice use of lightness and darkness. colorful and vibrant.

The name of the picture that I am describing is called ‘The Gentlemen Mask’. Turay Mederic made the painting in 2017. It looks like he painted a guy and a mask. The background kind of matches the mask. Under his neck his tie looks just like the rainbows up over his head. He has different type of eyes. He also has what look like a rose and his suit pocket. His seating on a chair.

This artwork? I really don’t know what I am looking at. There is a lot of color, there is a rose (I think), a chair, clothing, and a mask-like thing. The background is colorful but the bottom half reminds me of space, the hands look like they are in a praying position. I really don’t know why the clothes are two different colors, the arm sleeves are different from the rest of the clothes. The bow-tie is rainbow like( in color not shape) so are the ears in a way. The mast has spikes all around the corners. The chair is dark on one side and light on the other side. There are white dots in the art work and their are white lines going down the artwork.

This is a human figure sitting down. It has a rainbow face that looks to be a skull. It also has a purple/pink rose in its greenish suit. It has its hands put together as if it was praying. This photo also has a rainbow background. it is sitting in a yellow chair. This human object also has spikes going all around its head. Finally, it seems to be that it has two different eyes.

This painting is called ‘The Gentlemen Mask’ and was made by Ivorian artist Turay Mederic in 2017. This painting has a male figure in the middle. He is sitting down in a chair with armrests. He is wearing a pants suit that is green with light blue polka dots. The man has his hands together as if he is praying. he has what looks like a mask on his face and it is very colorful. He has a big colorful circle behind his head and a small rainbow figure on top of his head. His legs seem to fade away at the bottom of the picture.

It has lots of colors. Also, there are some rainbows around the man’s head. His hands are like the galaxy.  He is also carrying a rose in his pocket. While sitting in a brown chair. He has a white shirt with a tie. His entire suit is green as well.

It’s has bright colors. It looks like a skull. it has rainbows. They have weird clothing on. It looks like a rose in the pocket on his shirt. its sitting in a chair. 7green suit. weird hands.

I see that the man is holding a hand posture that is in parallel lines. I see that there is various amounts of color on the man’s head and in the background. I see symmetrical lines on the man’s mask. I see warms and cool colors on the man’s suit. I see that there is a splatter of paint on the drawing or either it is rain. I see blue outlines on the man’s hands. I see balance and uses of space on the artwork.

It shows a man sitting in a chair. The background are different colored circles. The person is wearing a mask. There is a flower in his pocket. He’s in a praying position. He has 2 different type of eyes. His legs disappear to the bottom.

The man has a lot of colorful colors on him. He is sitting on a chair. He is wearing a suit with colorful circles. The person is wearing a mask. the person eyes has swirl and a X. The hands and the eyes is outlined blue.  The person looks like a creature.

it has a lot of color the man has a rainbow on his head his suit is green his hands are grey and glowing blue he has a rose in his pocket he is sitting in a brown chair he has a white shirt and tie

The image shows a lot of different colors in the background and on his mask. Their very bright colored colors, and give it a nice good glow. But their is also a mad in a tuxedo sitting down with his hands put together. His tux is a very brown dull color and he has a pink bright rag or flower in his shirt pocket. His mask gives off different colors with a spikes going all around. In one of his eyes their is a Swirl and in the other their is a “x”. The chair looks like its old and its floating. Has different lines and shaped dots scattered around the whole image.

First thing I see is a body similar to a man’s body. The face seems to be colorful but messy. He hand are together like he’s praying. The man is sitting on a chair. theirs rainbows behind the man. Theirs colorful things behind the man. The man is wearing a greenish suit. the man has No feet. The chair has No legs. The man has on a colorful tie.