Ketchup Day

There are no games on Ketchup Day!

giphy ketchup

Digital Art 1:

Due Today!  Vocab 3 : Trite AND Vincent Van Gogh Snipping Tool <Activities on Seesaw> (I will combine these for a grade)

Due Today!  4 Shoe Colorways in 30 minutes <Activity on Seesaw> (You can edit your post if you mess this up… we want all 4 together)

Due Today!  Careers Pros & Cons plus Highlights (Snip) <Activity on Seesaw> (Please finish… the info about money/highlighting it’s rIgHt HeRe)


To find you next task:  raise your hand and tell Mr. Smith you are “ketchupped”.  Really, say this!  People say they’re “done” every five seconds, but you are “ketchupped.”  Try it. You mayo like it.